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NDEBA (Nada Davis End Bullying Award)

Queen of Covers, Nana Davis dies at age 37.

Nana Davis

Nana Davis

The Davis family is asking for help. Renee Davis passed away October 11th. She was a huge YouTube sensation. She help a lot of people overlook being bullied and feeling suicidal. Sadly the family is not able to afford her cremation. They are asking for donations any little bit will help. She was in the hospital a majority of this passed year . she was fighting for her life unfortunately she caught 3 fatal skin infections and also had kidney failure. Her YouTube channel is nanaluvztroubles. Her Facebook is Nana Davis. Please help even if it’s only $5 anything will help. We only have until Monday to raise the money.thank you to those who can help may God bless you.

The proposed NDEBA will be the world’s largest and heaviest award presented to a worthy Lynspinz during the annual YuTüCoin Expo (name subject to change). It’ll be constructed of stones to symbolize not only Nana’s once physique expressed in stones (imperial units), but also the haunting antagonistic casting of weighted assaults. Devin Devine of Devine Escapes is our first choice in commissioning the one-off iconic stonework that’ll be moved yearly to its new recipient.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Nana Davis’ Facebook page:

This page is a work in progress.