YouTubers’ Signup Page

Please complete the following form to be recognized as a Lynspinz on YuTü and its platforms, the first three fields marked with a red asterisk must be filled prior to submission.

For those directed here from our YTC airdrop campaign, ignore expressed guidelines for inclusion below.

Insert your email address for contact purposes.
Insert the name of your YouTube channel, e.g.: BraveTheWorld; Lauren Southern; Stefan Molyneux.
Insert the URL of your YouTube channel, e.g.,
If applicable, insert URL of your sponsor's YouTube channel, whereupon you'll earn an equal number of bonus PAQs rewarded them for turning you on.

(follow any linked neologism in bold if you’re not versed in its terminology)

As a new YouTuber sans mucho subscribers, do I qualify to be a Lynspinz on YuTü

Most likely, yes. With latitude, prior to Beta launch, the initial minimum requirements in becoming a Lynspinz (singular & plural) are as follows:

  • Registered on YouTube prior to October 31, 2017
  • Uploaded at least 3 videos on YouTube, each over 3:14 in length
  • Your YouTube channel has over 10 subscribers
  • Your channel has over 10,000 views
  • Your most popular video (MPV) has over 1,000 views

Criteria for attaining Lynspinz status becomes more rigid than outlined as entry requirements adjust exponentially upward as YuTü et al. evolves, although we’ll continue to evaluate suitors boasting atypical stats.

What if I barely miss the mark in qualifying to be a Lynspinz?

We don’t sweat the small stuff. Simply register where, most likely, you’ll be golden (within reason).

What must I do to maintain Lynspinz status?

After Beta launch (end of ICO), the following:

  • Upload at least one video on your YouTube channel every calendar month that’s a minimum of 3:14 in length
  • Embed the URL link to your [forthcoming] dedicated page on our platform on your YouTube About page
  • Embed the same URL link on any other Internet site which you maintain
  • Once a calendar month, make mention said URL link on any one of the social media pages which you maintain

That’s it! If you’re not willing to perform such simple tasks in advancing your YouTube channel, then please let’s not waste each other’s time given the cost of entry.

Speaking of, what will (or does) it cost to be worthy of Lynspinz recognition?

Lynspinz WILL NEVER incur out-of-pocket expenses for enjoying ALL the benefits granted them on any of our platforms.


Is it beneficial in becoming a Lynspinz early opposed to waiting some extended period of time?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why: during the premier phase (other[s] further down the pike) there’ll only be 10,000 YouTubers capable of becoming Lynspinz, thus cement participation by joining early; the earlier a YouTuber becomes a Lynspinz on our platform, the higher their ranking, an important attribute when listing their calculated rating position on our proprietary exchange – YTC-Sox. (terms ‘ranking’ and ‘rating’ are not synonymous)

Moreover, the earlier a YouTuber joins our program and is recognized as a Lynspinz, the earlier they begin earning yaltz (singular & plural) of their token exactly every two minutes.

Is there an affiliate program that Lynspinz can participate in?

Yes. Our affiliate program is open only to certified Lynspinz in onboarding other YouTubers in becoming Lynspinz, where the name of the sponsor’s YouTube channel acts as the affiliate code. Deviating from the norm, both sponsors and those sponsored are equitably rewarded, namely an equal number of PAQs, predicated on the rating of the sponsored Lynspinz, their reach a paramount metric consideration – the higher the rating, the more corresponding number of PAQs rewarded to both parties (up to five bonus PAQs each).

As a Lynspinz, what is the earnings potential?

Again, it’s predicated on a YouTuber’s reach, of which carries over to how crypto-commoditized tokens (yAltcoin[s]) fare on YTC-Sox, the exchange where shares – YuTüSharez (singular & plural) – are initially traded for U$0.01 (1 U$ ¢ent) per yaltz, with quantity and, moreover, quality of video uploads contributory factors in dynamic [upward] price determinations.

At the end of less than six years, each Lynspinz will receive no less than U$250,000 worth of their yAltcoin yaltz if: their YouTube brand maintained minimum ranking criteria; there’s an attached affiliate; their yAltcoin sustained the maximum 99 sojourning PAQers dowzing yaltz; their yAltcoin doesn’t surpass trading above 1 U$ ¢ent (U$.01) per YuTüSharez/yaltz.

Although it’s theoretically possible for a Lynspinz to earn all U$2M worth of their yAltcoin yaltz, a realistic maximum will be somewhere north of U$300,000 if: their YouTube brand maintained maximum ranking criteria; there’s not an affiliate; less than 99 PAQers dowzed their yAltcoin yaltz; their yAltcoin (yALT) trades above 1 U$ ¢ent (U$.01) per YuTüSharez/yaltz.

Multiply the above by the number of channels a YouTuber has embracing YuTü as a Lynspinz, e.g. two (2): VitalyzdTv and VitalyzdTvSecond (example purposes only, showcasing that some YouTubers have more than one [viable] channel).

Can a non-crypto-enthusiast YouTuber become a Lynspinz?

Most definitely, yes. All YouTubers are welcome provided they meet our [lax] minimum requirements for entry.

If Google’s YouTube and/or the likes of Patreon bans a channel from monetization, will YuTü follow suit?


Any channel allowed on YouTube, whether capable of being monetized or not via Google Adsense or third-party payment processors, WILL BE ALLOWED to participate on ALL our platforms regardless of a channel’s subject matter.


Will Lynspinz be able to link to their Vimeo channels or the likes thereof from their dedicated page on YuTü

100%, yes! Lynspinz will not be restricted in linking to any Web presence in their control as long as they abide our terms and conditions (nothing hate related, illegal porn, etc.).

Speaking of Vimeo et al., is YuTü’s program available to those utilizing video platforms but not YouTube?

Our platforms are only available to YouTubers, albeit in the future it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that we’ll clone our business model so to satisfy users of other video-based platforms seeking adjunct et al. monetization.

How will a Lynspinz liquidate their amassed yAlcoin yaltz?

Besides selling their token coinage (yaltz) on our exchange – YTC-Sox – like others possessing their yaltz, they’ll be able to sell them directly on their dedicated page on our site for whatever cryptocurrency they prefer including YuTüCoin (YTC) and bitcoin (BTC), whereupon after each sale the funds will immediately settle in a crypto address which they control.

Lynspinz are also free to trade their yaltz elsewhere outside our platforms.

Will the minimum exchange rate remain at U$0.01 (1 U$ ¢ent) per yaltz on YTC-Sox?


The minimum exchange rate will double up to U$2.56/yaltz according to the following schedule:

  • U$0.02* after trading above such for at least 24 hours
  • U$0.04 after trading above such for at least 2 days
  • U$0.08 after trading above such for at least 4 days
  • U$0.16 after trading above such for at least 8 days
  • U$0.32 after trading above such for at least 16 days
  • U$0.64 after trading above such for at least 1 month
  • U$1.28 after trading above such for at least 2 months
  • U$2.56 after trading above such for at least 4 months

Likewise, any yAltcoin yaltz is subject to trade lower than some future bare minimum set if a Lynspinz YouTube channel’s quality and reach become lackluster, not to fall below half its highest minimum trading plateau at a slower methodic rate once trading at its latest set minimum for exactly four (4) months.

To deter gaming of the system, a minimum of 100 trades is required in reaching subsequent minimum exchange rates.

* Four (4) decimal places apply when trading on YTC-Sox, e.g. U$0.0187, U$0.6219, U$3.1415, etc.

That’s fine and dandy on YuTü’s YTC-Sox, but what about the future of Lynspinz yAltcoins?

Think of YuTü’s crypto-commodity methodology acting as an IPO proving ground for current and future prominent YouTubers, exemplifying carryover Lynspinz’ ticker symbols for eventual inclusion on the likes of Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini, the “NASDAQ of Bitcoin”, or aligning with (any): Nasdaq Linq; Patrick Byrne’s tO; IBM’s Open Ledger Project; Chain.

YuTübopolis, Inc. et al. vows to only sparingly email you [selectable] spam-free relevant information, enabling you to readily sever ties if you feel we’ve broken our promise or you’re no longer interested in our platforms, products, services or severe weather updates from YouTube’s acclaimed Frankie MacDonald.