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Minimum order is U$10 via BTC, ETC, etc., for 4000 YTC; 1 PAQ bonus for every U$100 spent; approximation - within reason - allowed due to dynamic exchange rates.
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Dedicated BTC Wallet Address: 1PPuXeM8ZCkfpFEr2uV9dUYVWtMZ342B6b
Dedicated ETH Wallet Address: 0x96ceC9e959b0f0b74191C22F1F8C73CEc2430b79
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What is the price point per YTC during this offering?

U$0.0025 (1/4 U$ ¢ent/penny) per YTC.

What is the minimum amount of YTC (YuTüCoin) that we can purchase?

U$10 worth for 4K YTC.

What is the maximum amount of YTC (YuTüCoin) that we can purchase?

U$500 worth for 200K YTC per submitted Ether wallet address for receiving your purchased tokens.

What is the soft and hard cap you’re hoping to realize during the ICO?

U$25K and U$3.525M, respectively.

Are there any bonuses available during this offering?

Purchasers will receive 1 PAQ for every U$100 outlay.

I give, what the hell is a PAQ?

A PAQ is a virtual miner/hasher on YuTü.Co.in’s platform capable of mining/hashing a minimum of U$2,628 worth of yaltz per year (every year) with all transactions viewable on a tamper-proof public-facing permissioned blockchain hosted by us, among others. Only 100 PAQs maximum will be able to mine/hash any given Lynspinz yAltcoin (yALT). A maximum of one million PAQs will be allocated in satisfying a maximum 10K Lynspinz.

What is the prime advantage of purchasig YTC during the ICO?

Besides obtaining a free PAQ per U$100 outlay having the lowest possible ID number, the exchange rate per YTC is bound to approach U$1.00 at Beta launch given that that’s the lowest price point per YTC we’ll recognize on all our platforms.

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Woolly Rhino Productions: Clouds by Zach Sobiech

TicSym: WRP

TicSym: WRP

On May 20, 2013, cancer took the life of Zach Sobiech but his legacy will live on through the beacon of love and hope he delivered through infectious lyrics and memorable tunes that have imprinted on the minds and hearts of millions around the world.

Help fulfill Zach’s dying wish to help kids with cancer by supporting the charity he set up before his death- the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund at Children’s Cancer Research Fund: http://www.ChildrensCancer.org/Zach.

“Clouds” is now available on iTunes!

To download go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/clouds-single/id587906655

All proceeds support the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

Zach’s CD – Now Available!

Zach’s family also started the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund-http://ccrf.convio.net/site/TR/Events/personalfundra


For business inquiries: info@woollyrhino.tv

Country: United States