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YuTü Pre-ICO (Initial Crowdsale Offering)

Pre-ICO Open ONLY to BitcoinTalk Users

YuTü ICO Starts on December 14, 2017

Pre-ICO ends in …

19Days 21Hours 03Minutes 31Seconds

Details of our ICO can be found on BitcoinTalk: LINK HERE
YuTü Pre-ICO Signup Page

All fields must be filled prior to submission.

Insert your email address for contact purposes.
Insert your BitcoinTalk username.
Insert URL of your BitcoinTalk profile.
Select payment option that applies.
Insert TxID or URL of transaction whether BTC, ETH, etc.
Insert number of YuTüCoin (YTC) that you are purchasing @ U$0.10 (10 ¢ents) each.
Minimum order is U$100 via BTC, ETC, etc., for 1000 YTC; 1 PAQ bonus for every U$100 spent; approximation - within reason - allowed due to dynamic rates on exchanges.

(follow any linked neologism in bold if you’re not versed in its terminology)

What is the price point per YTC during the Pre-ICO?

U$0.10 (10 U$ ¢ents) per YTC.

What is the minimum amount of YTC (YuTüCoin) we can purchase during the Pre-ICO?

U$100 worth for 1000 YTC.

What is the maximum that YTC will be offered during the ICO?

U$0.90 (90 U$ ¢ents) per YTC.

Are there any bonuses available during the Pre-ICO?

Besides obtaining YTC at the cheapest price point (U$0.10), purchasers will receive 1 PAQ for every U$100 outlay.

I give, what the hell is a PAQ?

A PAQ is a virtual miner/hasher on YuTü’s platform capable of mining/hashing a minimum of U$2,628 worth of yaltz per year (every year) with all transactions viewable on a tamper-proof public-facing permissioned blockchain hosted by us, among others. Only 100 PAQs maximum will be able to mine/hash any given Lynspinz yAltcoin (yALT).

What is the prime advantage of purchasing YTC at a 90% discount during the Pre-ICO?

Along with enjoying at least a 90% discount on all products and services offered on all our platforms purchased with YTC, you’ll be able to procure PAQs at said steep discount, thus earning no less than U$2,628 worth of yAltcoin yaltz per PAQ per year. The more PAQs one has under their control, the more one earns from the yAltcoins they’re directed towards.

Can I purchase 200 YTC for U$30 (U$0.15/per)?

Go for it, but you won’t receive any PAQs as a bonus. Simply stipulate your intent for purchases under U$100 calculated at U$0.15 per YTC by following this link.



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