Mindful that usage of glyphs are not generally intended to affect pronunciation (in spirit of metal umlauts), ensuing diacritically (De) delineating Gloššexicőin, the alphabetized following are definitions of neologisms et al. introduced on this site and, subsequently, found on YuTübopolis’ post-synergistic publications:

Gloššexicőin: Proof of First Use

Gloššexicőin: Proof of First Use

Gloššexicőin:  If anybody gives a civet’s poo, we serendipitously accomplished coining a self-evident quasi-portmanteau which Google hitherto had yet indexed:

Glossary + glyphs [šš] + Lexicon + cőin ( ő in lieu of o) = Gloššexicőin

Note to learned linguists: We fired the dude who mistakenly misspoke when he mistook ‘glyphs’ for ‘graphemes’ (et al.), with the mistake duly ameliorated once we onboard his (or her) replacement. During the interim, we may continue to use the term ‘glyph’ regardless of its precise definition cuz we’s am now flummoxed.

While awaiting an authoritative denotation, permission is granted to incorporate ‘Gloššexicőin’ as title on pages listing terminologies requiring interpretations of neologistic jargon so to methodically ingrain semantic components.
βasƙet:  Tradable YuTüFolio having more than one Lynspinz yAltcoin, in tradition feasibly comprised of [in-demand] YouTube channel brands of a targeted niche, but populated with a cornucopia of dissimilar brands is okey-dokey.
CoinProLite:  YuTübopolis’ native Proof-of-Burn (PoB) currency, its predominant utility saved for the procurement of YuTüCoins (YTC); ↡nsp↡red by coprolite.

Lot 340 may be the world's longest known example of dinosaur coprolite (or fossilized dung). Measuring 3 feet 4 inches long, it could fetch up to $10,000 at I.M. Chait Gallery's auction on Saturday. I.M. CHAIT

Lot 340 may be the world’s longest known example of dinosaur coprolite (or fossilized dung). Measuring 3 feet 4 inches long, it could fetch up to $10,000 at I.M. Chait Gallery’s auction on Saturday. I.M. CHAIT

CPL:  CoinProLite’s unit of account and ticker symbol employed on cc exchanges.
dowzing:  Variant of dowsing, the [PAQing] procedure for hashing yAltcoin yaltz.
IYO:  Initial yAłtcoin Offering, akin to ICO | IPO (Cryptocurrency (cc) | Public); TBA timespan prior to the official launch of dowzing Lynspinz’ yAltcoin yaltz, allowing PAQers to queue earliest (timestamp) PAQs for the maximum 99 obtainable slots.


jeton:  Fashioned token depicting Lynspinz’ signatural logo quasi-emblematizing a yAltcoin; supplied by a YuTübopolis partisan at factual cost, the initiatory run gifted to Lynspinz, perchance gratuitously dispense at international sponsored events in heightening YouTube channel brand awareness.

Lynspinz:  (PN; singular and plural; cf. lynchpin) YouTube content creator(s)-cum-publisher(s)-cum-producer(s)-cum-vlogger(s) affiliated with YuTü [et al].
Lynspinz Studios: Analogous to YouTube Space, conceptualized in- and outdoor well-equipped facility located in, and serving surrounding Middle Tennessee (and yonder) where Lynspinz could freely (De) film and collaborate with their peers.
NDEBA:  Yearly Nada Davis End Bullying Award sponsored by YuTübopolis.
PAQ:  (rhymes with pack) Port-Able Quæsitor (portable seeker; cf. quaesitor); our designation for a consignable – at one’s discretion – miner hashing yAltcoin yaltz.
PAQer:  One who PAQs; moreover, a PAQ purchaser intending to hash yAltcoins.
PAQing:  Term nearly interchangeable with dowzing, contingent on context.
PoP:  Proof of Præfuī (cf. praefuī); distributed ledger protocol for hashing yaltzs.
Pre-IYO:  Implemented to sway vloggers to attain Lynspinz status by showcasing their YouTube channel brands having overwhelming support via at least #? locked PAQs well-intending to hash their yAltcoins for a [TBD] minimum x period of time.
schit:  Rhymes with bullshit with like connotation, albeit less course [or runny].
schitcoin:  Semi-derogatory term denoting a still viable über-underperforming cc for CoinProLite’s neo-remonetization consideration via PoB mining consensus.
TicSym:  Ticker Symbol of Lynspinz’ YuTüStock (yAltcoin) trading on YTC-Sox.
yALT:  Ersatz abbreviation for yAltcoin; indicative of yAltcoin, the first letter minuscule; subsequent letters in ALL CAPS (excluding ‘s’ when plural – yALTs).
yAltcoin:  Lynspinz’ crypto-commodity (YuTüStock) obtained via Proof of Præfuī (PoP) mining consensus fundamentally trading on YTC-Sox; first letter ‘y’ lower case; second letter ‘A’ upper case; the rest minuscule unless stylized in ALL CAPS barring ‘y’ which is always small case with the [inlying] accepted exception of IYO.
yAltcoiner:  Term nearly interchangeable with PAQer, contingent on context.
yaltz:  (singular and plural) Lynspinz’ YuTüStock YuTüSharez trading on YTC-Sox.
yaltzet:  Homologous to cryptocurrency faucet for sourcing initial yAltcoin yaltz.
YHoF:  YouTube Hall of Fame; acknowledging not our original muse, YuTübopolis sanguinely anticipates working in concert with New Media Rockstars in pursuit of orchestrating manifestation of the highfalutin’ concept to fruition.
YTC:  YuTüCoin’s unit of account and ticker symbol on cryptocurrency exchanges.
YTC-Sox:  YuTüCoin-Social Exchange; YuTübopolis’ bespoke exchange platform used exclusively for trading Lynspinz’ yAltcoin yaltz (YuTüStock YuTüSharez).
YuTübopolis:  Governance and physical HQ of the proposed multi-use campus.
YuTübopolis, Inc.:  Legal governing body of all things considered YuTü
YuTü  Copiously dedicated to YuTüCoin under the auspices of YuTübopolis.
YuTüCoin:  [YuTübopolis’] YuTü’s native Proof-of-Work (PoW) currency, its predominant utility saved for the procurement of Lynspinz’ yAltcoin (yALT) yaltz.
YuTüFolio:  (think portfolio) Myriad yAltcoin yaltz treasured by a YTC-Sox trader.
YuTüFoundation (YTF):  Chiefly Lynspinz, YuTübopolis’ oversight organization.
YuTüGurü:  Official YouTube channel – YuTü Gurü – and website of YuTübopolis.
YuTüSharez:  (singular and plural) A unit(s) – yaltz – of ownership interest in a Lynspinz’ commoditized YuTüStock (yAltcoin) trading on YTC-Sox.
YuTüStock:  Term nearly interchangeable with yAltcoin, contingent on context, is Lynspinz’ equity stake (crypto-commodity) allotted into shares – YuTüSharez.
YuTüYap:  A forum for patrons and guests to civilly palaver all things considered YuTübopolis beyond where gregarious Lynspinz can yap with aficionados, some expressing interest, or already invested in yAltcoins garnering favorites.
YuTüZine:  Online and [monthly] physical YouTube-themed periodical satiating the diverse sector. Actual name subject to review.

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