Candidate for YuTübopolis

Caution!: With our sincerest apologies, what follows is riddled with witticisms (few in third-person Anschauung), inclusive of the dyad of Shakespearean coined colorful metaphors, in which if you’re easily offended, then please don’t click this not-meant-at-you link.

As priorly voiced, revisit the Gloššexicőin page if there’s a need to refresh afresh when equivocal terms are next encountered. For brevity, first use of neologisms, distinguishing our brand(s), are correspondingly linked to denotations on our terminology page. Hover over links to read annotations.

YuTü is a division of overarching YuTübopolis (both entities are sometimes interchangeable on this site [alone] depending on context), saving aspirations of ‘wholly owned subsidiary’ for further down the Human Highway as we rise to prominence when we get big…

When we get real big.

What is meant by “near-100% transparency” found on YuTü’s homepage and alluded to elsewheres on this site?

Discounting proprietary assets and personal vitals of staff, clients, etc., we see no issues with having day-to-day operations scrutinized by our esteemed clientele or prospects soliciting to in toto explore YuTübopolis’ endeavors.

That’s good enough for me! Where and how do I sends me’s moneys?

Dude, slow down there a tad before you get your silk BVDs all soaked and wet. First, let’s foster a healthy relationship prior to us acceptingeth you’s moneys.

Wait, I was taken aback upon seeing a prison depicted at the top of the page. What’s up with that?

Au contraire, sagacious one. That’s not a prison but a historical site – admittedly, many blood moons ago served as a prison – listed on the Historic Nashville Inc.’s inaugural “Nashville Nine” list of endangered historic buildings in 2011. That said, continue on this FAQ page where “What’s up with that?” will be pursued anew.

Can a Lynspinz lend a hand in determining their yAltcoin’s YTC-Sox TicSym (now you have me habitually rattlin’ off YuTübopolisic neologisms)?

(please present questions somewhat methodically so not to encourage fellow queriers to follow suit or, more importantly, confuse our astute readers)

Most definitely!

In spirit of distinction, in conjunction with letters and numbers, common and aberrant typography, glyphs[G] and punctuations may be incorporated in ticker symbols – Oops!: TicSyms – particularly if questing to mimic one’s brand. Same for usage of script inducing unable-to-overcome rendering dilemmas. Veritably, some Lynspinz’ brands presently employ trademarks, logos, motifs, etc., conducive for the eligible up-to 7 (rarely 8) alphanumeric TicSyms on YTC-Sox –  bt // E // Wonderly – reserving imagery to exhibit insignias integrated with problematic typesetting.

Before anybody asks, a Lynspinz may early on or later purposely stylize a revised archetypal TicSym, contingent upon it straightforwardly reflects their brand, and the exact ordered glyphs adapted for adoption remains exclusive, with the finite single-character TicSyms generally reserved for the most illustrious vlogger.

Can two YouTube content creators have the exact same ticker symbol?

First, questions were asked out of sequence, now we’re readdressing what has already been feedbacked. Are you two brothers? What part of “and the exact ordered glyphs adapted for adoption remains exclusive” dazed you? Jeez! In further ballyhooing, we refer to YouTube content creators as Lynspinz (both singular and plural) and ticker symbol as TicSym (singular; add an ‘s’ to form its plural – TicSyms). Savvy, gimoozaabi?

Did you guys lose sight of reality vis-à-vis introducing weird-ass neologisms?

Did Shakespeare lose his fuckin’ mind after coining cunt? If Google were around at the dawn of the Mughal Empire (1555 – 1857), The Bard would’ve been able to read learned ‘fucks’ discussing his ‘cunt’ when not updating Romeo and Juliet’s Facebook pages, or toiling in vain to delete his Ashley Madison Dark Lady profile.

Warning!: To those easily offended, the above Q/A contains the words ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ – or inflections thereof – hereby allowing you cunts to now skip over the passage thanks to this strategically placed fuckin’ announcement.

Will you guys be awarding bounties for performing certain tasks?

Yes. Our first bounty will be for a logo design for YuTüCoin, as well as logos for all ventures under the auspices of YuTübopolis, inclusive. The offering and awarding of prototypical bounties known in the cryptocurrency space will most likely apply.

Lynspinz, Lynspinz, Lynspinz. What possessed you to coin the frequently used ‘Lynspinz’ in lieu of YouTube content creator-cum-publisher[-cum-…]?

Well, besides Lynspinz having sort of a rad connotation, we’ll be more abler to intelligently gauge our brand awareness and other metrics more betterer via The Google et al. than if said coinage wasn’t coined at all. Don’t believe us? Do The Google yourself, comparing search results for ‘Lynspinz’ and “YouTube content creator” (-cum-etc.) with or sans the ‘cum’ or double quote thingies.

So, you were possessed by the Pakled & Pakled Marketing Firm firm?

In handling YuTübopolis’ marketing, they were very sympathetic in honoring our fluky requests, and didn’t even charge us for the ride NECCO® Wafers.

The coined name, provided it has all the essentials of clarity, distinctiveness and vividness, has many advantages. It must be kept in mind, though, that coined words are meaningless until advertising and use have invested them with significance. In fact, this is true of all names. No mark is inherently valuable. It is only use and celebrity that give it value.

So getting the name right isn’t the only important thing. It must also be given a reputation. Once it has that it has value. That is the task before the owners of the newly created trade names. Whether or not these brands will be able to hold their own after the war, depends largely on the reputation they are acquiring now.

~ Printers’ Ink, January 3, 1918, Volume 102

WWI reference aside, nearly a century later the above excerpt virtually holds true today. Lynspinz is purely our contemporary variant of linchpin and attaching an apposite modified denotation. It, our trade names, and the additional umpteen neologisms deems beneficial in separating us from the rest of the pack that may one day try to mirror our success, coupled with, again, the ability to better track, then evaluate metrics, culminating in continuous improvements to our brand(s).

Can a YouTube channel be revitalized after having sat dormant for a spell with intent of taking advantage of YuTü’s architecture?

Yes. In fact, it’s encouraged.

What is the minimum criteria for a YouTube creator[-cum-etc.] (or their brand) to be authorized as a Lynspinz at (or is it ‘on’?) YuTü

With latitude, prior to our official Beta launch as follows:

  • Registered on YouTube longer than 3 months.
  • Uploaded at least 3 videos on YouTube.
  • Their YouTube channel has over 500 subscribers.
  • Their channel has over 100,000 views.
  • Their most popular video (MPV) has over 10,000 views.

Parroting latitude, post official Beta launch as follows:

  • Registered on YouTube longer than 6 months.
  • Uploaded at least 10 videos on YouTube.
  • Their YouTube channel has over 1,000 subscribers.
  • Their channel has over 1,000,000 views.
  • Their most popular video (MPV) has over 100,000 views.

Criteria for attaining Lynspinz status becomes more rigid than outlined as entry requirements adjust exponentially upward as YuTü et al. evolves, although we’ll continue to evaluate suitors boasting atypical stats.

And, it’s ‘on’ (unless you prefer ‘at’).

Prior to participation, can a famed vlogger as a potential Lynspinz reserve an emblematized YTC-Sox TicSym best reflecting their YouTube brand?

Given druthers, a vlogger would desire securing a unique up-to-eight-character [branded] TicSym before some other (esteemed or elsewise) formally exercises first claim, thus losing out on the earliest squatting rights for same. Tentatively, commencing after Beta launch, a two-month hold should suffice as ample time for a potential Lynspinz to either commit to, or pass on YuTübopolis’ pursuits.

Example: Big Think would most likely not want their logo bt depicted by a lower- or upper-case BT ticker symbol designated to an up-and-coming YouTube vlogger masquerading as the moniker ‘BuckarooThornberry’ renown for prank videos. By simply filling out a form provided by YuTü, Big Think would anchor the most preferred TicSym – bt (BT, etc.) – for a 60-day(?) evaluation period, with automatic 30-day(?) extensions granted provided another potential Lynspinz doesn’t initiate showing a strong interest in their desired TicSym while on hold.

Can Lynspinz quarry dowze their own yAltcoin yaltz?

Yes they can, even to the extent of dedicating a maximum 33 PAQs toward each of their brands’ yAltcoins if administering multiple progressive YouTube channels.

Each Lynspinz is allocated their first PAQ upon enrollment, in which permanently remains in place dowzing yaltz of the corresponding yAltcoin alongside an up-to 99 [sojourning] PAQers. Subsequent PAQs awarded to, or purchased outright by Lynspinz can freely dowze any yAltcoin, adding garnered yaltz to their YuTüFolio.

Since Lynspinz are prohibited from assigning more than 33 PAQs toward their own yAltcoin, what’s the maximum number of PAQs permitted for individuals (PAQers [or yAltcoiners]) to quarry dowze any distinct yAltcoin?

Ditto. Max is 33 PAQs per PAQer per yALT, with anyone identified administering beyond 33 PAQs sentenced to be flogged 314 times with an al dente noodle.

How does one go ’bout acquiring yAltcoin yaltz if not PAQing?

PAQing. We’re McLovin’ it, hence shall borrow it. Thanks! Here’s an Oreo cookie.

YuTü will process most universally accepted online payment methods, along with liquidable altcoins, to purchase YuTüCoin (YTC), which in turn are used for acquiring yAltcoin (yALT) yaltz. As cited in our Off-white Paper, subpar alts would also be welcomed indirectly via CoinProŁite (CPŁ), a Proof-of-Burn (PoB) altcoin, also under the auspices of YuTübopolis, as is YuTüCoin, a typical Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency, pointedly satisfying rooted crypto mining enthusiast.

Designedly, CoinProŁite’s predominant utility is the procurement of YuTüCoins (YTC) to encourage early adoption, continuing its prepense function as long as there are favorable altcoins for the continuation of hashing [Proof-of-Burn] CPŁ.

Our native currencies YuTüCoin and CoinProŁite will trade on the formidable cryptocurrency exchanges (tokenized as YTC and CPŁ, respectively) as, perhaps, fruitful yAltcoins after once surpassing a yet-TBD plateau or upon Lynspinz’ inclination. yAltcoins will continue to trade on YTC-Sox, but may undergo ticker symbol (TicSym) modifications when traded elsewheres.

The acquisition process chronicled above is indicative for those seeking to obtain PAQs outright if yearning to do some PAQing of their own.

What ‘tool’ will you be using to accept myriad altcoins for purchases on the various YuTübopolis’ websites?

ShapeShift’s Shifty Button, allowing us to accept leading altcoins seamlessly.

What is the price point for acquiring PAQs?

Initially, U$50 for the first 100 PAQs, increased U$50 per subsequent 100 PAQs, maxed at U$500 per PAQ starting with the 901st purchase.

Can one freely sell or transfer their PAQs to another?

Absolutely NOT under any circumstances will this course of action be approbated. But, if such transpires, I guess there’s really nothing we could do about it, so, in essence, we don’t-slash-won’t give a damn!

Hell, we might as well act the intermediary role between parties sans any fees.

Will CoinProŁite (CPŁ), YuTüCoin (YTC) or Lynspinz’ yAltcoin (yALT) mintage be premined, instamined, etc.?

Perhaps excepting the respected genesis blocks with their private keys destroyed (read: unspendable), no premining or equivalent of our cryptos will be actualized.

Will YuTübopolis or any of its subsidiaries be mining any of its alts?

No. To be clear, No! Translated: NO! Our business model is to provide tools that enable Lynspinz and our patrons to mine/quarry/dowze without direct or indirect competition from us, structured such so that we here at YuTübopolis et al. won’t need to resort to the much-frowned-upon practice.

How many yAltcoins (yALTs) will there be at launch; max?

Upon exiting Beta, we believe that several dozen (up to at least a 100) Lynspinz having yAltcoins listed on YTC-Sox is a feasible reality, culminating to a max of ten thousand yALTs a few years down the road, with some contingency plan in place by time the self-imposed 10K figure nears if augmentation beyond is inevitable.

Market caps?

The minimum market cap for each yAltcoin once all its one hundred million yaltz have been hashed is one million dollars (U$1M), based on the minimum exchange rate of one U$ ¢ent (US penny; $.01; 1¢) per yaltz tradeable on YTC-Sox.

Extrapolating several years out, unless we did the math wongbt

U$1M (worth of yaltz ) X 10,000 (yALTs) = U$1B Market Cap

Besides on YTC-Sox and, as specified, other cryptocurrency exchanges, are Lynspinz’ yAltcoins destined to be traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market (or the likes thereof)?

Thanks to the recent paradigm shift on Wall Street, among other global financial markets, unlike a couple short years ago, yAltcoins trading on the legacy market exchanges is not outside the realm of possibility, with Noble Markets, Winklevoss twins’ Gemini, and Patrick Byrne’s [Project Medici’s] tO first coming to mind (citing ATS examples), not to mention IBM’s Open Ledger Project, Chain

As touched upon in our Off-white Paper, YTC-Sox could amply be proving grounds for the commoditization of YouTube creators’ brands (hinged on performances) for eventual trading where those donning big boy pants play.


If Carnegie Mellon’s (CMU) accredited Sneakerology 101 course could indirectly spawn Josh Luber‘s StockX for sneakerheads, just imagine what an exchange like YTC-Sox can do for YouTube content creators in quickening their brands’ reach.

Are you planning on suing Patrick Byrne for filching the glyph ‘Ø’?

Not sure. It pends on the outcome of when our people meetup with his people to debate the issue. Ideally, we’d consider a box of Oreo cookies more than enough compensation for allowing tØ.com continual usage of our glyph-esque grapheme (or is it grapheme-esque glyph?).

Can you shed some more light on YuTübopolis for us?

Sure, since you obviously missed where we’ve previously linked – twice – to our YuTübopolis page. It’s there where one can learn more about YuTübopolis. Here’s hopin’ you’ll cotton to the revelatory read under 100-watt incandescent lighting.

What are some of the benefits that YuTü affiliates and Lynspinz enjoy?

Akin to above, since the list is quite exhaustive, we opted to create a benefits page cleverly entitled Benefits outlining benefits for your and others’ benefit.

Aside, for those who appreciate wordplay: Buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (inspired by Buffalo buffalo …)

Will YuTü have facets available for the various Lynspinz yAltcoin yaltz?

If you meant faucet (hereafter: yaltzet), then yes, but if referring to the zoological term as one of the corneal lenses of a compound arthropod eye, then sadly no, conveying our sincerest apologies.

A hundred thousand (100,000) yaltz of each Lynspinz yAltcoin will be doled out on a one-per-email-address basis (among other giveaways) sourced from a dedicated sponsored page we’ll govern by simply subscribing to the corresponding Lynspinz’ YouTube channel. By comparison, once converted, one yaltz exceeds the [initial] USD exchange rate of previous faucet bestowments in the cryptocurrency space.

Revisiting, a yAltcoiner will be able to use the same email address to amass other freely meted out Lynspinz’ yAltcoin yaltz via the numerous yaltzets (as they come online) if the intent is to aggrandize their YuTüSharez YuTüFolio (or basƙet).

What deters a Lynspinz from acting as their own affiliate, ergo, thus and therefore benefiting from any referral programs in place?

Affiliates may be [pseudo-]anonymous, ergo, thus and therefore The Question is Moot! Admitting that, Lynspinz are most likely – as a whole – an honorable lot, in which scarcely any may attempt to game the system for preferred marginal gains if opting not to cooperate accordingly to in-place set policies.

Speaking of TicSyms, can a Lynspinz readily change his token on YTC-Sox, perchance due to brandability concerns?

We see you, too, are not heeding our “(please present questions somewhat methodically so not to encourage fellow queriers to follow suit or, more importantly, confuse our astute readers)” request, thus teetering on “The Question is Moot!” But since you seem like a charming dude or dudette, we’ll genially acknowledge your question as if properly positioned on some stringent FAQ page, in which you’ve – no doubt – suffered through contra-examples while trekking the Internet.



Pushy!, eh? Okay, we’ll elaborate, after retracting our “charming” modifier, but with one caveat… (we’ll get back to you on that one caveat).

Chances are a Lynspinz won’t be tweaking their unique TicSym too many times due to branding concerns, but, if such were requested, we would suitably honor the first three petitions pro bono, charging a negotiable one-million-dollar fee per subsequent change… or hungrily trade to perform de novo appeals for a box of Oreo cookies – Double Stuf.

Pray tell, why the funky TicSyms, now that we’re back on subject?

Let’s play a favorite game – Juxtapose.

Boring Ticker Symbols: (citing actual cryptocurrency tokens)

  • AMS
  • DCR
  • FRC
  • HBN
  • LQD
  • NAV
  • PTC
  • SHF
  • VDO
  • ZCC

Not Boring TicSyms: (as depicted; all reified here)

  • #PHILE
  • 1on1
  • bt
  • D
  • E
  • FЯED
  • INKtalks
  • MADUnicode
  • NMR
  • TEDx

Yes, some [envisioned] TicSyms may be boring (not necessarily emphasized), …

  • 3D
  • Ve1
  • Ve2
  • yCOMB

… but that’ll be the exception, not the rule. Showcasing TicSyms in enhanced fashion leads to increasing Lynspinz’ brand awareness, capturing mindshare.

Our bad! Here are some truly boring [envisioned] TicSyms (linked):


Suppurating fundament! Oops! Guess you meant that as a question, in which case the answer is sure we will. Moreover, we’re considering making it mandatory for all staff in YuTübopolis’ office(s) to don or use to some extent swag of Lynspinz so that whenever visiting our campus they’ll appreciate the gestures.

How does a Lynspinz end their participation with YuTü, thereby delisting their yAltcoin on YTC-Sox?

Since a YouTube creator’s brand is highly likely their most valuable asset, it would become our utmost priority to quickly and effectively expunge any references to their brand regardless as to why opting-out was requisitioned.



Are there any stinkin’ fees associated with using any YuTübopolis’ services?

Excluding trading on our bespoke exchange – YTC-Sox – a resounding NØPE!

Much to my chagrin of possibly inquiring outta line given your ethos, what are the trading fees for managed accounts of (or is it ‘on’?) YTC-Sox?

Only TBD% per transaction (both sides of the trade), maxed at U$3.14 per day. ALL Lynspinz and early adapters prior to Beta launch will forego ever paying any fees, with the ability for the latter to transfer (or sell) their accounts, whereupon the new owners would enjoy said privilege (and other goodies).

What’s the minimum amount of yAltcoin yaltz that one can trade on YTC-Sox?

Not written in stone, but we’re leaning toward a deuce worth, or some minimal amount where we’ll garner at least one U$ ¢ent because we’re greedy bastards.
The other option is no minimum, but think of the children.

What trading platform do you have in mind for powering YTC-Sox?


I’ve grown accustomed to ventures changing their Terms of Service (ToS) on a whim in favoring themselves in the cryptocurrency sector. Will YuTübopolis and its baùcorp network apacely exploit the skullduggerous practice?

We’re toying with attaching a premium so folks can relish such roguish behavior.

It seems like you have GAWdiose plans for YuTübopolis et al. Perhaps, VC or some hybrid funding approach to accelerate what’s envisioned is in order?

So not to relinquish too much control via VC et al. funding, ideally we’d prefer to adhere with our in-house grubstaking methodology. That said, all funding options shall remain on the table until either embraced or no longer reckon an option – any course of action fully disclosed.

Wow! Hasn’t YuTü’s brilliant innovation(s) been thought of before?

Perhaps a whole slew of times prior to the advent of the cryptocurrency space, but not to the extent that we here at YuTübopolis have demonstrated, i.e., how celebrious YouTubers stack up opposite one another via their brands’ crypto-commodity (yAltcoin) trading on YTC-Sox, evincing prevalent analytic metrics.

What meritorious causes will YuTübopolis attach themselves to?

Besides Save the Nauga (distant relative of the gnu), we will align ourselves with some (TBD) noble [YouTube channel-based] non-profit focused on anti-bullying, and be instrumental in a brick & mortar YouTube Hall of Fame becoming a reality. Other causes may later manifest themselves, but these three two suffice for now. Make that four three, adding Girls Who Code.

Why the top-of-page image of the abandoned Tennessee State Penitentiary?

It’s on the short list for the future homes of YuTübopolis HQ and YouTube Hall of Fame, scenically located on the banks of the Cumberland River in Nashville, TN.

Courtesy of New Media Rockstars (NMR)

Courtesy of New Media Rockstars (TicSym: NMR)

Seriously, or did you just make that up?

Maybe, or: Seriously, the abandoned Tennessee State Penitentiary is scenically located on the banks of the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee.

No, not that, but the…

With sincerest apologies, our FAQ quota has been met. Thanks for playing.

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