By   February 3, 1990
Visit Frankie MacDonald's (D&W) YouTube Channel: dogsandwolves

Visit Frankie MacDonald’s (TicSym: D&W) YouTube Channel: dogsandwolves


Most “Bazinga!” links on this site enhancing contextual content redirect to this page, opting for a functional URL oppose to simply employing the inoperative
<a href=”#Bazinga!” title=”Revealed when hovered over”>Content</a>  – Content – thus having a source to explain our actions, coupled with now gifting the reader by showcasing Frankie MacDonald.

bazinga ‎(plural bazingas)
(informal) A thingamabob.

We use “Bazinga!” as a thingamabob visual placeholder and not necessarily the verbalism used by Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, now an officially registered trademark of Warner Bros, and definitely not as a genus of rhizostome jellyfish with only one known species, Bazinga rieki, found off the central eastern coast of Australia, or the newly named Euglossa bazinga, a euglossine bee species found in Brazil, named after the catchphrase of the fictional character Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the television show The Big Bang Theory.

To be clear, there’s really nothing to see here on this page with the exception of introducing you to the Internet’s most renown weatherman – Frankie MacDonald.

TicSym : D&W

TicSym : D&W

MacDonald was included in CBC News’ “Top 10 Newsmaking Stories of 2013 in Nova Scotia”. MacDonald was awarded the Vital Cape Breton Excellence Award which honours Cape Breton islanders who have made significant contributions in the community. He was also recognized for his work by Member of Parliament Mark Eyking in the House of Commons on 4 February 2015 during the Statements by Members session.