By   July 19, 2015

Christoph Rehage: (The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse)

I like to take walks sometimes.

Source: The Longest Way



The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse, or simply The Longest Way is a 2009 viral video uploaded by Christoph Rehage. The video features Rehage walking over 4646 km (2887 miles) from Beijing to Ürümqi during 2007. Rehage originally attempted to walk from Beijing to his hometown of Bad Nenndorf, Germany, but never completed the journey. TIME listed the video as the #8 top viral video of 2009.

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Due to our self-imposed 314 Lynspinz count, the venerated YouTubers listed merit mentions despite varied circumstances for their exclusions, apurposely showcasing supplemental feasible TicSyms and, dare we say, elicit emotions.

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[Proposed] TicSym (Ticker Symbol):  Official YouTube Channel (linked to the YouTube creator’s About page)

3Q:  Triple-Q
AT666:  AwesomeTalent666
B’NS:  Beer ‘N Stuff
BAMMO:  Bammo
BD~TIC:  Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef
BLIZZ:  Heroes of the Storm
bSTILL:  Bill Still
CGS:  cashgamestrategy
Cr1TiKaL:  penguinz0
dCAMS:  Portreem
DOCSTOC:  docstocTV
DsoM:  DavidSoMusic (see DavidSoComedy – DsoC)
DTB:  Drop the Bassline
dvpJFK:  David Von Pein’s JFK Channel
Ew/JOSH:  Exploring With Josh
FERMI:  Fermilab
FNC:  Friday Night Cranks
G97:  greyson97
gAuA:  GradeAUnderA
GS:  GameSpot
H2B:  HowToBasic
HARTO2:  yourharto (see MyHarto – HARTO)
HPC:  Hydraulic Press Channel
HSS:  How to Start a Startup
IT’sKB:  Kingsley
KB:  kevin blanch
KT:  Karl Taylor
LEAFLY:  Leafly
LtV:  Lift the Veil
LWT:  LastWeekTonight
M:  Mashable
MattS1:  Matthew Santoro
MattS2:  Matthew Santoro Vlogs
MM:  Mike Maloney
MTHRBRD:  Motherboard
NEWSY:  NewsyTech
OBH:  overboardhumor
PAPIER:  Papierfliegerei
PBS-DS:  PBS Digital Studios
qCARS:  Q cars
RB:  Rocketboom
RLL:  RealLifeLore
SDMN:  Sidemen
SM2M:  SelfMade2Maybach
TBBT:  The Big Bang Theory
TKTC:  The Kepler Telescope Channel
TL:  Tom Lupshu
TNT:  TruthNeverTold
TSC:  JoergSprave
URTV:  UrbanRecTv
VP:  VenetianPrincess
WH:  The White House
ZACH:  Zach Sherwin
ZF1:  zefrank1
ZTF:  Z Team Films