The most potentially transformative impact of social media is its ability to encourage brands to marry profit and purpose. The reason brands participate is that such outreach earns those companies social currency enabling them
to start or participate in conversations that connect them to consumers in meaningful ways.

~ Simon Mainwaring

Rewarding Ambitiou$ YouTube Content Creator$ via Commoditizing Their Brand$

Rusküs Bankčoin II

October 31, 2017


Meanwhile … as concerns mount over ever-growing number of ad-supported YouTube channels struggling for viewership, e.g., Tommygun1028 (not affiliated, but cluing as to why the esoteric ‘Meanwhile …‘), its content creators vie for fewer ad revenue [dollars] borne out of decreasing number of advertisers participating in Google’s YouTube Partner Program[1], with astute publishers acutely aware that resorting to subscription-based channels or MCNs to compliment their erstwhile garnered minimal subsidies remains relatively problematic for most.

Concurrently, a segregative coterie of IT-minded entrepreneurs scout untapped troops for furtherance of their pursuits, viz. mining and trading cryptocurrency[2][T], among the myriad opportunities presenting themselves in the respective exponentially-growing niche.

The model presented within this [B2B/B2P] off-white paper explicitly aims to demonstrate melding said factions, providing a symbiosis framework remuneratively advantageous to both leagues by integrally orchestrating their diligence under the aegis of a promised substantially transparent enterprise – YuTübopolis.

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YuTü’s Crypto-commodity Approach

Girls Who Code


At a glance, superficially juxtaposing heterogeneous concerns in dissimilar fields having diverse characteristics borders on absurdity until, that is, one’s prompted as to what the two have in common, indicative of all for-profit ventures, boosting their bottom lines: YouTube content creators-cum-publishers (producers; vloggers) jockey for improved compensation; cryptocurrency enthusiasts dubbed crypto-coiners[T] – miners, traders, pumpers, commentators, analysts, […] – striving for same via literally and figuratively playing the numb3rs.

Et voilà! Therein lies an opportunity for a neo-symbiotic relationship to effulgently coexist.

Although the global reach of both guilds are suitably equal in size, the corresponding populace rarely acquiesce, anew, mainly due to occupying differ sectors and, to a lesser degree, perhaps, their demographic constitution. Consequently, if quantitatively scribed on an archaic chalkboard, a near-zero-sum proposition emerges. Per contra, upon peering deeper, it becomes increasingly apparent that a provisional marriage-of-convenience would be prudent. One suitor seeks numb3rs to continually play; the better half has numb3rs, dually possessing means and desire to pay-to-play [as has antecedently been demonstrated – TheProtocol.TV], particularly if habitués are judiciously coaxed once shown favorable conditions exist to conate, ultimately more apt to engage to a fuller extent.

Echoing, YouTube content creators have said numb3rs – in spades: Subscribers [to their published YouTube channels, plus satellite doters emanating from social media airways and personal heavily trafficked websites linked via their channels’ About pages]. But, it’s the lack of an extraction-of-lucre mechanism accruing from über-resources which prove challenging, with the majority of publishers predominantly reliant on Google’s YouTube Partner Program for remittance as gramercy for their productions. Granted, select few were and are able to secure outer lucrative contractual agreements to better their financial positions, albeit most fail to climb the axiomatic ladder to self-sustainability, let alone ascend to the highly coveted YouTube stardom, amid enjoying similar or superior stats than their fortunate peers having prominence, affirming lucidly missed ideals where all else appears dreamingly equal.

In concert, YouTube content creators and crypto-coiners would mutually benefit off the former’s subscriber base et al. pending one’s constantly mindful of a paramount caveat: Publishers and their opted-in followers are respected and protected from adverse practices, the likes inimical thereof unfortunately witnessed in the technology-slash-currency emerging space.

Notwithstanding aforementioned adversities, thanks to recent achievements that facilitated the advent of open source blockchain technology[3][4][5], in turn, spawned an applicable renowned cryptocurrency and variants, inclusive of gains in cyber security safeguarding the Internet against past, current and looming threats[6][7][8], momentous in allaying concerns, what was once deemed futile is now feasible, transmogrifying readily available mechnological components into a cohesive and comprehensive model.

Hence, this body of work exhibiting advantageousness of leveling the playing field à la the envisaged amalgam: Unifying the worthy less fortunate, constituting an overwhelming majority of YouTube content creators with contributions from the crypto community[T]. Thus, pecuniarily advancing both in-groups, thereupon furthering their valued respective industries, markets, business or brands by virtue of the newfound alliance.

Resultantly, crossing the Rubicon, harbingering to fellow fated betrothals that would also prosper off decentralized consensual efforts put forth, e.g., administrators of innumerable social media (full-fledged twitterers) and content-rich websites [and blogs], or a means to fund indie labels and their artists, akin to Tatianacoin’s pursuits, all future candidates espousing crypto-coiners in the promising and soon rapidly evolving crypto-commodity[T] paradigm.

Think of YuTü’s crypto-commodity methodology acting as an IPO proving ground for KHAN, MN, STEFBOT, WBN, etc., exemplifying the carryover YouTubers’ ticker symbols for eventual inclusion on the likes of Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini, the “NASDAQ of Bitcoin[T][9], or aligning with (any): Nasdaq Linq; Patrick Byrne’s tO; IBM’s Open Ledger Project; Chain.

As with “The Times”, cryptos[T] … they are indeed a changin’ [how future generations will earn].


Devoid of heady technical notations herein, we quest not only those progressively committed to heightening their crypto experiences, but conjointly seek allying with an array of self-reliant YouTube publishers deserving augmented enrichment for their significant determined contributions, welcoming, with pleasure, passionate crypto-coiner neophytes and looming artisans en voyage.

Much as it’s assumed readers have a rudimentary understanding of cryptocurrency and its benefits, such is necessarily
not vital in appreciating the expressed contents, howbeit a Terminology section is included for those not versed, with neologisms, intrinsic to YuTü et al., illuminated for the laic and au fait peruser alike on our Gloššexicőin page, their initial usage denoted with [linked] superscripts [T] or [G] (respectively).

Also for brevity, references are numbered, occurring as superscript within brackets in the main text linking to linked off-site resources, with the employed practice of (sans brackets; ℣, as in ‘V’ in Video) reserved for links to subsections or
by-choice citations embodied on this, and sustained on subsequent pages. Upon frequenting the resultant linked content, return whence came via or exercising your browser’s back arrow thingy (true for [T] and [G], respectively).

For those seeking to better their Bitcoin aptitude, we suggest visiting Charles Hoskinson and Brian Göss’ Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto. Feel free to thank us later for offering up the aforementioned suggestion.

Lastly, a brief as to why the utilization of the diæresis [ü] grapheme in YuTü, deviating from a basic Latin (English) alphabet spelling, with [perhaps] more ambiguous examples bestowed here and on post-synergistic publications: Just because! Beyond that, ‘coinage’ is in vogue, … and now undeterred by any succinctly identified copyright or trademark infringement pennings (with apologies if this isolated clause came across as too brazen). Besides, YuTü et al. has its own marketing modus operandi to consider.

As for pronouncing atypical phonemes of specially-coined words, it’s sound to simply ignore them, decoding encountered sparse graphemes to the best of your phonemic ability unless or until some consensual articulation schema becomes the norm. Visit the Gloššexicőin and FAQ pages for extended commentary on our neologisms.

YuTü’s Crypto-commodity Approach

Go Big or Go Home

This is the time where people should be trying really big, crazy things.

~ Chamath Palihapitiya: Chamath Palihapitiya Interview (Social+Capital Partnership) | Disrupt NY 2013

Content forthcoming.


YuTü’s YuTüCoin (YTC) is a standalone Ethereum-based ERC20 cryptocurrency, the crux of this attempted elucidation, facilitating trade onto and off our exchange for each YuTü crypto-commodity – yAltcoin (yALT) – both diversiform conditional distributions models having sui generis hashing algorithm and timestamping processes.

The following auxiliaries detail the specified cryptos, interpreting how each decorously interface with the other. Barring otherwhere mutual accords, neither are formally endorsed as a medium of exchange acting as a conventional peer-to-peer crypto payment system outside the proffered closed, yet near-fully transparent ecosystem, their intended utilities well-defined (or, upon imminent addenda, shall be).

YuTüCoin (YTC)


(subject to change)

  • Token-cum-Ticker Symbol:  YTC
  • Ecce Signum:  Y (superscript Y denoting YTC): 42Y; 314Y; 1337Y (1,337Y)
  • Protocol :  ERC20
  • Smart Contract Address:  0x22049267fe48041e88835755bd61ec81e8fc7ebb
  • # Decimal Places:  18 (quasi-standard for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens)
  • Transaction Confirmation Time:  Approximately 1 minute
  • Maximum YTC Available:  31,415,926Y (think: Pi)
  • Minimum Exchange Rate:  U$1.00 (1 U$D) when used for purchases on our platforms
  • Tx Fee(s):  Ø
  • Exchanges:  TBA

yAltcoin (yALT); yaltz


(subject to change)

  • TicSym (Ticker Symbol):  Varies[G]
  • Ecce Signum:  None, or:  J (superscript J denoting Jeton[21][G]): 42J; 314J; 1337J (1,337J)
  • Algorithm:  Proof of Præfuī (PoP)[G]
  • Port(s):  N/A (not physically mined; tamper-resistant, public-facing permissioned blockchain)
  • Validation Schedule:  1 Block exactly every 120 seconds (2 Minutes)
  • Halving Schedule:  N/A
  • Block Reward:  128J; plus 22J for reserve during mining/hashing first 781,250 blocks
  • Maximum yaltz per yAltcoin (yALT):  217,187,500ĵ (17,187,500 yaltz in reserve), eventually equating to a minimum U$2M market cap at 1 U$ ¢ent (U$.01) per YuTüSharez[G] (in ~5.945586 Years total)
  • Minimum Exchange Rate:  U$.01 (1 U$ ¢ent)
  • # Decimal Places:  Four (4)
  • Retention Pool per Generated Block:  21.875%, or 28J (see Retention Pool Schedule below)
  • Difficulty Retarget:  N/A
  • Transaction Confirmation Time:   Instant
  • Tx Fee(s):  Ø
  • Exchange:  Exclusively on YuTübopolis’ trading platform – YTC-Sox[G] (unless Lynspinz desire trading their yAltcoin yaltz on other crypto exchanges)

Retention Pool (28J) Schedule per Lynspinz’ yAltcoin (yALT) Block (1,562,500 Blks total)

First 781,250 Blocks (half):

  • An additional 22J will be Hashed During the First 781,250 Blocks Acting as a Reserve (17,187,500 yaltz)
  • 10J: Faucet Pool for First 10,000 Blocks Only (100,000 yaltz meted from a dedicated yaltzet[G])
  • 10J: Development [et al.] Pool (after initial 100,000 blocks hashed for [respective] yaltzet pool)
  • 5J: Max Supplement (augmenting 2J) to Lynspinz Depending on Ranking (criteria TBD)
  • 5J: Max to Affiliate Depending on Lynspinz’ Ranking (criteria TBD)
  • 5J: Matching Affiliate Bonus to Lynspinz (2J from development pool if applicable)
  • 1J: Guaranteed to Lynspinz from Onset of PAQing[G], Augmenting 1J Sourced from Their Initial Free PAQ
  • 1J: YouTube Hall of Fame (YHoF) Trusted Escrow Pool
  • 1J: Founder’s Pool

Second 781,250 Blocks (half):

  • 23J Minimum to Lynspinz (max 28J if no affiliate)
  • 5J Maximum to [Usually Just One] Affiliate (fragmenting shares available depending on affiliate’s YT channel makeup)

At the end of less than six years, each Lynspinz will receive no less than U$250,000 worth of their yAltcoin yaltz if: their YouTube brand maintained minimum ranking criteria; there’s an attached affiliate; their yAltcoin sustained the maximum 99 sojourning PAQers dowzing yaltz; their yAltcoin doesn’t surpass trading above 1 U$ ¢ent (U$.01) per YuTüSharez/yaltz.

Although it’s theoretically possible for a Lynspinz to earn all U$2M worth of their yAltcoin yaltz, a realistic maximum will be somewhere north of U$300,000 if: their YouTube brand maintained maximum ranking criteria; there’s not an affiliate; less than 99 PAQers dowzed their yAltcoin yaltz; their yAltcoin trades above 1 U$ ¢ent (U$.01) per YuTüSharez/yaltz.

Girls Who Code et al.

We would be remiss if we didn’t touch upon [in this paper] ambitious (GAWdiose) undertakings adamantly mentioned or simply alluded to on this site, starting with …

If he could, he would buy shares in the future of women and girls.

~Reshma Saujani quoting President Bill Clinton: TEDxGotham 2011- Reshma Saujani- Girls Who Code

A NASDAQ-sponsored TEDxGotham presentation by Reshma Saujani quoting President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton about buying shares in the future of women and girls, all the while Ms Saujani’s neighboring a serving-some-purpose gewgaw donning the stock market’s logo makes for an interesting segue as to who’s in mind to engineer YuTü’s crypto-commodity underlining framework and maintain our cryptographic operations – Girls Who Code.

Related publications:


We respectably thank Satoshi Nakamoto and gifted developers whose collective avant-garde work in the cryptocurrency space will make [YuTübopolis’] YuTü’s ambitious crypto-commodity et al. vision a realistic possibility.

Withal, we applaud those whom we’ve entrusted advanced copies of this presentation, generously expending time and expertise toward providing their onliest perspectives and duly bringing to light grammatical and structural boo-boos.


Visit Bitcoin Wiki for most all-things-considered Bitcoin

ALT (alt):  The [consensus] abbreviation for altcoin.
altcoin(s):  Alternative cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin, targeting any perceived limitations that Bitcoin has, offering up competitive advantages.
alt-crypto (altcrypto):  An interchangeable term for alternative cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin:  The dominant global peer-to-peer payments network created by the nom de guerre Satoshi Nakamoto.
BTC (btc):  Bitcoin’s unit of account and ticker symbol.
crypto:  Accepted colloquialism for cryptocurrency or altcoin.
crypto asset (cryptoasset):  An internet asset issued on a crypto 2.0 platform (Ripple; NXT; Counterparty; etc.).
crypto-coiner (cryptocoiner):  A cryptocurrency enthusiast.
crypto-commodity (cryptocommodity):  A P2P commodity accomodating physical and non-physical wants and needs.
crypto community:  Universe body made up of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
cryptocurrency:  Medium of exchange using cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

Proof-of-Burn (PoB):

Proof of burn is method for bootstrapping one cryptocurrency off of another. The idea is that miners should show proof that they burned some coins – that is, sent them to a verifiably unspendable address. This is expensive from their individual point of view, just like proof of work; but it consumes no resources other than the burned underlying asset. To date, all proof of burn cryptocurrencies work by burning proof-of-work-mined cryptocurrencies, so the ultimate source of scarcity remains the proof-of-work-mined “fuel”.

Proof-of-Work (PoW):

A proof of work is a piece of data which was difficult (costly, time-consuming) to produce so as to satisfy certain requirements. It must be trivial to check whether data satisfies said requirements. Producing a proof of work can be a random process with low probability, so that a lot of trial and error is required on average before a valid proof of work is generated. Bitcoin uses the Hashcash proof of work.

trade coin:


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8.  Forget currency, bitcoin’s tech is the revolution
9.  The Winklevoss Brothers On Gemini, The ‘NASDAQ Of Bitcoin’

Rusküs Bankčoin II, excluding the generational suffix II, is an anagram of the author’s given real name sans Jr., with deep consideration underway to legally metamorphose to such. However, family, friends and colleagues could still refer to me him as Bruno, whose current surname once contained the grapheme č prior to his forefathers having it Americanized to the [English] letter c when processed at Ellis Island ~60 years ago fresh off the SS America, embarked from Belgium.

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