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TicSym: KHAN


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About YuTü (YTC)

First and foremost, pronounce YuTü as U2 (like the rock band – The Joshua Tree). YuTü, the brand, encompasses YuTüCoin (YTC), its native cryptocurrency, all under the auspices of YuTübopolis comprising of myriad facets conveyed on this site – – formally YuTü (currently in revamp mode).

For sound reasoning, YuTübopolis’ headquarters would be best served if based in Middle Tennessee, namely Nashville (Davidson County), and having its business charter registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State oppose to within a more tax-friendly jurisdiction due to the venture’s unique undertakings, again, best suited for the region with what we have to offer on a multitude of levels, later expanding what’s envisioned across the globe (or flat Earth), e.g., China.

YuTü currently uses WordPress as its CMS during its introductory phase of development, perhaps abandoning such usage pending what’s best for operating on various platforms, e.g., myriad handheld devices.

The YuTü brand comprises of the following (some deemed mundane):

  • A Go Big or Go Home Attitude
  • A Plethora of Women Commix in the Ranks and Other Capacities (enjoying the same scale as their counterparts)
  • Having YouTube Enthusiasts Emphatically Influence Policy
  • Damn Near 100% Transparency
  • The Following HTML Colors: #000000; #bf1d1a; #df2926; #ffa500; #ffff00; and #ffefd5 (not illuminated due to its faint luminosity)
  • Sundry Neologisms: Visit Gloššexicőin
  • Commingling Trivialities in Random Publications (learning is fün)
  • Eccentric Founder-cum-Spokesperson who Sartorially Peacocks Accordingly
  • Incorporating YouTube-esque Meme References
  • A DASH Dash of Whimsicality Because Laughter is Morer Gooder

The founder of YuTübopolis et al. shall never recognize a salary, albeit will enjoy disclosed perks, e.g., business related travel expenses, with how’s-that-possible? being fully revealed. Further, no YuTübopolis assets will be in the founder’s name, all belonging to the corporation for protection of its users, fully documented and open to scrutiny.